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September 25, 2008


Joanna Wilcox

I really love the first shot! How old was this little guy?

Michelle O

I just want to eat his cuteness up! How precious is he?! Mom will probably cry happy tears seeing these pics! And yes, more tears the older you get. Site last nights example...I had TEARS in my eyes watching Tara Whitney's family video on Jay Reilly's site...you must go watch!
Michelle ;)

Jennifer N

Love it all. Makes me want to procreate too :)


Ooooh... that first one... sigh. Love it!


What a beautiful little boy! That second image with mom just melts my heart.

Kim Donohue

Now why did you go and do that! I want a baby.....where's my husband?


Absolutely breathtaking . . . WOW!!!


Simply breathtaking! soo cute, and you are right, now days almost everything makes my cry, happy news, sad news, thought of family and friends, you name it at it brings tears to my eyes as I feel so blessed to have a healthy and beautiful family..

The boy's little mum will have a really hard time to pick here favourit picture!!!

Sylvia Borgo

Cheryl, you knocked it out of the park. Again! I love your work! Love it! I think I am bitten by the "I want another wee one" bug, too!

Rachel Tucker

Yep- I want another. Like, yesterday. Fantastic, as always. And, I'm so excited about the loft! Natural light, I presume. Can I come play sometime?!??

Becky E

Such a beautiful session! Mom and baby are just gorgeous! I love their connection that you captured so beautifully!

Becky Earl


Absolutely STUNNING!!!!


awww what a happy baby absolutely beautiful!

Cheryl Muhr

Thanks so much for your sweet words everyone. I typically use the 60mm 2.8 macro for babies. I believe some of these were also taken with the 24-70. Charlie was 3 months old here.


c good call on having his lovely freckled momma show more skin. the light blue bra is genius. she looks stunning in every shot and he is just yummy.


what a cutie pie!!


LOVE your pictures, and I totally had tears in my eyes while looking at the pics of Charlie...and I am just looking at pictures! You're Fabulous! :)

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