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December 11, 2008


Angela Little

She LIVES!!! I enjoy viewing your work... Haven't seen any posts in a while and I was beginning to wonder if everything was ok, following your big move. Glad to see you posting again. Such an inspiration to us beginners =)! Love, love, love the layered pic of that lovely little gal jumping.


I don't know how you do it. I shot here a few weeks ago and none of mine turned out nearly this nice. I shot with a low DOF, but I still had way too many background distractions...

Becky E

Love these! They are so colorful and beautiful!!! Gorgeous kiddos!! Love the pouty shot!

Amy W.

I love every single one of these! Your colors are AMAZING.


BEAUTIFUL work as always. I hope you've settled in nicely there!

marisa ramos

Pictures look like they were so much fun.


I saw you speak at CPR and am now a raving fan. You have a gift Cheryl. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Love, love, LOVE these... such cute kids!

Sarah Wheeler

Oh Cheryl, these are fabulous! And yes, that pout is totally adorable :) xoxo

Sara Moon

Good to see you back in action, Cheryl! I've missed seeing your photos! Can you share how you did the first one on TSW forum?????? I'm dying to know how to do that!

jennifer c

Oh I love these! I'm glad you're back posting... you work is as lovely as ever!!


oh man, so fun to see new work from you cheryl-dont leave us hanging, show more!
adorable kids-i want that outfit (pink and grey) for ME. :)

Frances S. from Canada

These are AWESOME! Can you tell me what camera and lens you used?

stacy t

glad to see you back on the blogging wagon!! missed you So much! wishing you happy happy holiday! lots of hugs!


What a great session!! I love all of them, but especially the pout!

natasha g

Love, love, love these! Location awesome, kids adorable, photographer amazing...

Leah Simmers

Love these Cheryl! Top two for sure. GLad to see you blogging again, hope all is going fabulous in Austin!

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