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December 16, 2008



OMG Cheryl, to me, she looks JUST LIKE YOU! She is so pretty, and if you have Patti do your session in Hawaii, you'll be one LUCKY FAMILY. She does great work. You all have a blast if you are indeed going!


Your conversions are so creamy...LOVE the black and white.


I see someone stealing my Google juice, LOL!
It would be awesome if you guys took a trip out here- Baby C misses his "girlfriend" from TSW San Diego! I don't recognize this little beauty. We'll be on the mainland until Feb 19, so if you come out toward the end of the month I'd love to meet up!!


D-I-V-I-N-E Cheryl!!! I am drooling over the gorgeous Kennedy and how you have captured her. Simply divine. She is too cute! And Hawaii ... how fantastic!!! I'm green with envy Patti!


I just checked out your friend Patti's site, her work is awesome! Please tell her that she should do a photo workshop!

(New Jersey)


From a fellow NJ photographer who knew exactly who you were talking about when I read your post....I am green with envy. To have her photograph your children in Hawaii (well to have her photograph them anywhere!) would be simply perfection!

Dana Pugh

Is it possible? Has she gotten cuter? Merry Christmas you guys!!!


Ummm, first of all, I could totally eat Kennedy with all her cuteness!!! Secondly, if you head to Hawaii, any chance you might have room in a suitcase for me?? I promise to eat very light over the holidays!!! Ha-Ha.


So cute! Hawaii sounds good right about now. Are you going to post dates for The Secret Workshop any time soon? I really want to go this year!


SQUEEEE!!! Two of my favorite photographers in the world in place. LOVE IT! I wanna go to Hawaii now to see you guys! Waaaaah! LOL


you could also come in a week, cuz ill be there.
i cant believe her hair-love the curls-love the pics.


She is so beautiful!! And of course a session with Patti would be divine. :)


How cute is she!!!! :) Love the images... as always!


Oh. MY! She is the sweetest thing EVER! Smooch smoooch!!

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