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January 14, 2009


Michelle O

One word...STUNNING!


This is probably the single best maternity image I have ever seen. Unreal.

Brenda Landrum

WOW! This is so beautiful I don't even know where to start!!! It is so wonderful that your client trusted you with such a 'revealing' shot. Amazing in every way!


That's it. I am buying studio lights tomorrow!!!!! Thank you for posting this.


Come over to my side... it is nice and warm under the lights!!


Cheryl, I [heart] this picture! I have a maternity session coming and love this look please get on the forum and share your secret to getting this, you amaze me:)

Ann from SK

Can you tell us where you placed your light for this? I have been trying to get this exact shot for so long and I just can't make it look this good no matter what I do. THANKS!! I'm a huge fan!


Gorgeous client, gorgeous image. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous .....


That is absolutely stunning. Beautiful work.

Veronica N

WOW, your work takes my breath away! For us newbies, would you mind sharing what sort of lighting you used - softbox or other type of lighting (plus size of lighting)?

PS - I cannot wait till you announce your next workshop! I check your workshop blog often :)!


wow this is perfections, absolutely stunning!

Sylvia Borgo

Stunning! I am such YOUR blog stalker! Thanks for posting


so lovely....


The lighting is beautiful. This pretty mama-to-be is gorgeous as well. I love your work!

Dana Fontaine

this simply takes my breath away.....


Not to be unoriginal, but this image is breathtaking and a true inspiration!

Amy Hess

love this...what a beauty!

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