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February 27, 2009



I checked these out on Tara's blog yesterday, and now yours---love love love that first one! You guys are a beautiful family!

jean smith

i saw the pics on tara's blog and was so in love with them! she did an amazing job and your family is so pretty it hurts. good luck with your hard drive..


Cheryl, these images are AWESOME! No wonder you are thrilled. They really capture the spirit of your very special little family. Sending you lots of hugs from Paris!!

Michelle O

Seriously, Old Navy?! Where have I been in shopping world?! And like I've already told you ten times...I *puffy heart* the taxi series. Tara is amazing! I know you will always treasure them. Thanks for all the Q&A!


Sarah Wheeler

Okay Cheryl, you guys are so sweet! Tara did a wonderful job photographing you, and your beautiful family. Oh, and I love your outfits too :) Good luck with your hard drive! xoxo


one of my favorite photogaphers...photographing one of my favorite photographers and her family :) these images are beautiful...they speak volumes.


Cheryl, These are absolutely fabulous! You and your family look amazingly beautiful. I can feel the love!!! Such great images!!


I saw the pics on tara's blog and they're BEAUTIFUL. lucky you :]

amanda onstott

okay! i have to know where you got that cute top?????


Cheryl - your family is GORGEOUS. Love them all.

kim donohue

Love these! Beautiful! Loving the black and whites!

Maria H

Gorgeous!!! Love them, and love the one's on Tara's blog. You should fill a wall with all of them, heck you should fill a room. Love the connections you can see, Love the love!
They totally and utterly rock!! Your family is Beautiful with a very capital B!

Brandi Ginn

OH I'm SO sorry about your computer...I'm about to lose my hard drive as well, might have something to do with the fact I never turn my computer off. ;) And as I sit here taking breaks from the computer to switch loads of laundry, I think I'm about to lose the dryer. HMMM...which is worse? ;)

Dotty M

The taxi cab pic is the best EVER! LOVE it. So like you & your beautiful family. Smiles & hugs...

Kristina Young

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. What a treasure.


Precision Camera is a great place to shop in Austin. If we don't support our local businesses they will disappear.


I saw some of these on Tara's site.. what a treasure I so wish I had stuff like this of my family I need to make that happen this year. Thanks for sharing these.. and for the post. have missed your lovely posts and photos


Such beautiful pictures of you and your family! I love them all.


I can so feel the love!!! What an amazing gorgeous family!!!

leah cummings

Cheryl your family they are so pretty, and you wow you are stunning wow, please when you need someone call me.Lillian would love to pose for you again 910-865-5068

brooke schwab

these are beautiful girl! i love your little family! can't wait to spend time with all of you in marfa!

Amy Hess

Beautiful Cheryl!


Nice family. Photos are great.

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