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March 03, 2009


Shuva Rahim

Just a quick note to thank you for continuing to inspire... I learn so much from you and many other SW attendees. Keep up the awesome work - and I look forward to seeing your wedding work:-)

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

What a CUTE picture! I haven't stopped by your blog in a few months and I am so glad I picked today for it =) I'll be back more often again!!

Molly W.

Awesome shot! So I just stumbled across your blog and now I'm gonna be a stalker, hehem, I mean a casual stopper-byer. :) Love your work, wish I could attend a workshop! I should be finding out this week if I'll be moving to Texas...if I do, I'm gonna need to schedule a session!

stacey woods

That just may be the cutest tushie I've ever seen. And LOL about the pant size.... Parker just turned 5, but he can still wear a 3T in shorts. We have to adjust the waist of his size 4's. Maybe they should switch pants?! ;)

Amy Hess

Love,Love,Love Her!


ohh my gosh...how fun is this shot!!! loving your work! nothing short of amazing!!!


OMG - are you serious??? That shot is awesome!!!!



Jane Eaton Hamilton

This is just such a special photo. I'd have to print that huge for my walls.


Okay, this officially makes me want to go buy a super cool bookshelf and add a ladder. I need a photo like this...REALLY badly! Heh! Those cheeks are so cute! Thanks for sharing!


This image is a show stopper, I love it! She looks so tiny in this space, like a little doll!

Ava Hill Photography

This photo is awesome. It's funny and wonderful at the same time.

ergo baby carrier

These are moments that we have all gone through when we were little and didn't care that we were not wearing clothes.

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