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June 30, 2009


Michelle O

Hollar!!!! She's back! Love ya girl. And these images are stunning...of course they are because you ROCK! Glad you had fun in Marfa and thinking of you! :)

Melanie T

You are awesome. Are you doing any more workshops this year? I'm dying to come to one.


omg, the one of her sitting on the yellow median? knock me off my chair.

Cierra Pera

Welcome back dear one. Good to see you.

Darbi G.

Great work!! :) I myself might be moving to Austin this fall if my hubby lands a job...

Happy holiday weekend.




Gorgeous images as always, and I cannot WAIT for your new blog!

Amy Hess

Great shots Cheryl! She is beautiful..Like the shot sitting on the yellow median, where is this? Awesome!

yan palmer

what, no comments? i'm shocked! i'm excited to see the new blog. i was pump fist stoked to check over here and see something new. and something so pretty to boot...


Soooooooooo great to hear from you again Cheryl........love your work. Can't wait to see the new blog!!


Beautiful Cheryl! :)


So happy to see you back:)


you're back! so glad to see the new post! i thought i had missed a new blog or something bc I have not seen anything in so long! so happy you are back and hope you can find a good balance for your busy life! this senior is gorgeous!


oh wow gorgeous, these are just divine!

Molly W.

These shots are gorgeous and I cannot wait to see more!!! HOORAY -you're back!!!

stacy t

she's alive she's alive!!!!!! wow! welcome back miss thang! i missed you.


Hurray...you were missed.

Although being greeted by one of the absolute cutest pics on the planet (Marshmallow's naked bum on the ladder) was entertaining I enjoy reading and learning from your wonderful blog.

Welcome Back!!

Heather O

Wonderful, wonderful images! Love, love, love the ones of the celery stick and the marshmellow!! I think of you often and have been missing you since Dallas! So glad all is well.


You knock my socks off! Amazing as ever! So excited for your new blog!! Woot Woot!! xoxo

Bob Gillespie

Really great portraits - you obviously have a talent for this.

meg duerksen

as soon as i got hooked on your blog...MONTHS ago...you moved and got busy.
believe me i know how busy life is.
but just checking to see if i missed the new blog? or something.
your pictures are so good.
i would love to see more!!!
i wish i could hear you at the creative photography retreat....sounds fun.

come back cheryl!!!

Michelle Kane

Yay, I'm glad your back in the saddle. Can't wait to see more. This set is fantastic!

Jennifer Harr

Beautiful as ever, Cheryl!

Jessica M.

I just became a distributor for Maya Wraps and thought I'd check out the photographer I will be crediting... who has now become the photographer I will Gladly be crediting. :) I loved your photographs and loved equally the words that went along with them. Thanks for taking such great pictures for us Maya Wrappers! :)

carolyn bowles

May I ask what lens you used for this session? Beautiful images and love the range of shots. Nice work!

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