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March 03, 2010



Beyond beautiful. Such a beautiful (and young!) mom too!

Amy C

What a precious boy! Great photos :)

Stephanie Wind

I love the comments you wrote along with the shots! So cute! Tells a great story.

amanda k

I really loved this post. Gave me the warm fuzzies! Beautiful...

lisa smith

lol at the pint of ice cream comment :) love love love these!! beautiful images of a beautiful family!


Your commentaries make me giggle. Beautiful session too.


They are all so wonderful Cheryl...so glad you are posting again!!

jean smith

SOOOO fabulous! love your eye and composition...always. and yes, she is super tiny...dang those tiny pregnant people!!!


Can I ask how you convert your images to black and white? I find that mine are always muddy, but yours seem so creamy. I think it's the way the skin looks that I'm having trouble achieving. Do you have any other tips to get that look? Thx!


Hilarious. Always love your witty commentary. This is a CUTE kiddo.


Wow, just gorgeous. A beautiful family. And I love your comments ~ especially about the pint of ice cream. Been there.


You are so hilarious and so talented, Cheryl! What a happy little guy and such a gorgeous family!

Kacy Hughes

Adorable family and such a cute little boy. I really liked the pictures.

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