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March 22, 2010



What a gorgeous family! I am in love with the B&W of the little girl on the swing - its just perfect.


Oh my heck. Beyond gorgeous. Is this their house???

Abbie S.

I love that thy love thee and everything about thy thee. Umm yeah, love 'em, lol :) Beautiful images of a gorgeous family! I'd give my left leg to have a shot of me and my kids like the one you got of her girls hanging on her. So cute!


Ooh, I'm delighted you're posting again! Love to see amazing pictures every time. Thanks for your talent and generous tips always. Such a huge fan :)


oh cheryl...these images are just beautiful. I especially love the one of the littler girl holding her dress and the swing shot. You are such an inspiration.

Monica Brown

One of my favorite blog posts. Ever.

gisela olsson

What a lovely surprise, I've been longing to get an update on your blog for a long time and here it is. Beautiful images as always, great to have you back.


Love that book shelf, and love the fact that this family will have a gorgeous family picture of them in front of the bookshelf to put IN THE bookshelf!!! I'm all about that :)


What a beautiful family, I'm so jealous of those bookshelves... dreamy :) I think the picture of mama and her girls is my favorite!!

Corey Sewell

What a gorgeous family! You captured them so well - love them all!


oh and how I love thee for posting again, yay!


Gorgeous! Beautiful! So yummy to my eyes!! xo


So refreshing to see your work! Gorgeous family, lovely home :)


Beautiful!!! I love everything about thee as well. You are so talented. I hope to get back with you soon.

Sarah Wheeler

these are totally adorable cheryl :)

Cynthia McIntyre

You post is delightful and so are the images!

Robin Dini

I saw your work on Davina's website. You photos are beautiful!!

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